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Consortium between the companies Deboni Empreendimentos, Grupo Austral and 3M Produções to manage the concession for Parque Harmonia and Orla 1 do Guaíba for a period of 35 years.

With the commitment to invest in infrastructure, content, events, entertainment, Harmonia will be transformed into a true Gaucho park, becoming a major reference point for the city and the State, as well as waterfront 1.


Deboni ventures

It is part ofDeboni Group which has been working for over 45 years in the area of engineering and construction in the public and private sector in Brazil.


Develops solutions with innovation and technology in the administration and concession of popular shopping malls (Pop Center) in Porto Alegre and Pelotas, in Rio Grande do Sul, in industrialized construction, from design to finishing, as needed. 


Currently it is thelargest modular and prison construction company in Brazil.


Since 2005, Grupo Austral has been creating strong relationship bonds between brands and consumers.
Intelligent utilization of resources, global vision and creativity are differences that make Grupo Austral a reference in Live Marketing and production of events with (inter)national operations.
The Austral Group works continuously creating a large calendar of special events, with different forms of participation from companies that aim to activate different audiences with intense and unique experiences, enhancing their brands and generating results and sales.


3M Produções e Eventos lled the PMI studies (expression of interest procedure) for the revitalization of Parque da Harmonia. It was chosen to centralize actions related to the concession in view of its complexity.


Your team is also made up ofcompanies Ecoreal - Conexões Sustentáveis and Furlan, in addition to professionals with extensive experience in architectural and environmental projects.



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